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A bone tree grown in development stage.
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Glassland; Bone; Death Forest; Dead Land; Amethyst Grove
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Usually made of wood, there are some trees in the mod that aren't. Usually they have a trunk made of some block, and have leaves, which drops saplings. However, not all the trees in the mod have leaves and saplings.


Usually trees have wood and leaves, the glass tree doesn't really. It's made of glass, but the block are named glass logs and glass leaves. You don't use an axe to cut this tree down, and the leaves don't decay.

Manchineel trees are like normal trees, with log trunks and actual leaves that can decay and drop apples and saplings. However, if you touch the leaves or walk on the log, it will hurt you. The planks made form this wood does not hurt you if you walk on it. Mauvewood trees are also like normal trees, also where you can go through the leaves. The logs and leaves do not hurt you like they do on the Manchineel tree.

Bone trees are only made of bone logs, no leaves generate. There isn't even a sapling for you to grow a bone tree. It is just a skinny poll that only generates on bone blocks.

Dead trees are only made of skinny logs similar to bone log, but a little thicker, no leaves generate on them. There is also no sapling for it. Similar to the bone tree, it's just a poll.



Glass trees only generate in the glassland biome, and only on glass. The leaves do drop a glass sapling, which can only be placed and grown on glass. The leaves also have a chance in dropping glass shards.

The glass tree generation shape is similar to the spruce lollipop design.

Aside from being made of glass, it acts like a normal tree.


Bone trees only generate in the bone biome, and only on bone blocks. There are no saplings for you to grow bone trees. There aren't even leaves for this tree. When the logs are broken, they give 0-3 bones.


Manchineel (Man-chi-neel) trees are dangerous, as walking on the logs or touching the leaves will hurt you. However, the planks made from this wood does not hurt you. The leaves can drop a sapling, or an apple. Manchineel trees are real and they are actually dangerous, as burning it can kill you, the sap can kill you and the oil from the leaves can kill you. This was a perfect tree to replace the normal trees in the death forest.


Deadwood trees only generate in the dead land biome, and only consist of deadwood logs. There is no sapling for this kind of tree.


Mauvewood (Mohv-wood) trees are pretty much like normal trees. The leaves and logs to not hurt you like the Manchineel tree. Unlike normal leaves from the game, you can go through these leaves. The leaves can drop a sapling, or apples. The color of the logs and leaves are purple, which goes well with the color scheme of the amethyst biome. These trees are actually found in a variation of the amethyst biome, called the amethyst grove. Not many trees generate in the biome like they do in a forest biome, but there's still enough trees there to build a wooden house.


Official Release
1.0Added glass tree.
1.1Added bone tree.
1.3Added trees in the dead land biome.
1.4Changed the trees in the dead land biome to a custom tree. Deadwood.
Added manchineel tree.
1.5Added mauvewood tree.