This is for mod developers.

An ore dictionary is a thing that allows mods to implement crafting items from other mods that use a same generic name.

Example: Many mods add copper, and copper ingots. Mods set their own copper to the ore dictionary, usually like "oreCopper" and "ingotCopper". Then in any mod, they use that same name (Plus the "") in the crafting recipe where an item would usually go. So, when you want to craft, let's say a copper block, you can use any copper ingot from any mod that has their copper ingot apart of the ore dictionary.

MCE made a site for modders to contribute to a list of ore dictionary names that they use. Site.

So, here's the complete list of the ore dictionary of this mod.

Type In Game Object Ore Dictionary Name Description (Optional)
Block Flamestone flameStone
Block Deactivated Flamestone flameStone
Block Burn Mobs Only Flamestone flameStone
Block Burn Players Only Flamestone flameStone
Block Dymus Bricks dymusFancy
Block Ornate Dymus Block dymusFancy
Block Dymus Pillar dymusFancy
Block Dymus Block blockDymus
Block Autil Block blockAutil
Block Bone Block blockBone
Slab Dymus Slab dymusSlab
Slab Dymus Brick Slab dymusSlab
Slab Ornate Dymus Slab dymusSlab
Stairs Dymus Stairs dymusStair
Stairs Dymus Brick Stairs dymusStair
Stairs Ornate Dymus Stairs dymusStair
Log Glass Log logGlass
Log Bone Log logBone
Leaves Glass Leaves treeLeaves
Sapling Glass Sapling treeSapling
Sapling Bone Sapling treeSapling
Ingot Dymus Bar ingotDymus
Dust Dymus Powder dustDymus
Dust Dust dust
Dust Autil dustAutil
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