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In Game
Blast Resistance

Bone: No

Yes (64)
Bone: 0-3 Bones
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The glass log has a similar pattern to the oak log, but with glass style and color. Bone logs uses the Bone Block texture, but with a set block bounds. You don't actually need use an axe to cut then, the glass works like normal glass where you break it with anything, same with the bone. Glass and bone logs are not flammable. There are also no glass and bone planks. Glass logs can rotate like normal logs, but the bone log doesn't. The deadwood log is similar to the bone log, in not being a fully block. It is a little thicker, and can actually rotate. There are no leaves for bone trees and deadwood trees.

Mauve is said like "mohv" and means "Purpleish color" which is also amethyst means. So that's why it's called Mauvewood and not Amethystwood, cause that sounded weird to MCE.

Upon walking into the bone log, it will suffocate you. And when walking on the minchineel log, it will hurt you.


Glass logs can be broken by hand, like normal glass, using an axe doesn't really make it go faster like it would with normal wood logs.

Bone logs can not be obtained in survival. Once broken, they give 0-3 bones.

Manchineel, deadwood and mauvewood logs are like normal logs, with breaking faster if you use an axe. Once broken, it will drop itself.

Naturally generated[]

Glass logs generate as a part of the glass tree that can only be found in the Glassland biome.

Bone logs generate as a part of the bone tree that can only be bound in the Bone biome.

Manchineel logs generate as a part of the manchineel tree that can only be found in the Death Forest biome.

Deadwood logs generate as apart of the deadwood tree that can only be found in the Dead Land biome.

Mauvewood log generate as apart of the mauvewood tree that can only be found in the Amethyst Grove biome.

From sapling[]

Glass trees have a sapling, which looks like a glass pane, and can actually be bonemealed to grow the tree. They can grow on their own time too. The manchineel tree also has a sapling and is the first one that actually looks like a sapling. The mauvewood tree also has sapling. You can bonemeal it and it can grow on it's own time too.

A sapling for the bone tree is actually in the code, but it is not registered into the game. This was for testing. You can not grow a bone tree. The deadwood tree doesn't have one at all, not even in the code for testing reasons.


There is no glass planks, but the glass log does go into 4 normal glass blocks if placed in the crafting grid. Bone logs don't give planks either, and they don't drop themselves. Manchineel logs give manchineel planks, while deadwood logs give deadwood planks and mauvewood logs give you mauvewood planks.

Glass logs and bone logs can not be smelted to get charcoal. They also can't be used as a furnace fuel.

As a Crafting Ingredient[]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe


Glass Log

Manchineel Planks

Manchineel Log

Deadwood Planks

Deadwood Log

Mauvewood Planks

Mauvewood Log


Official Release
1.0Added glass log.
1.1Added bone log.
1.4Added manchineel log.
Added deadwood log.
1.5Added mauvewood log.